It is a non-political, non-religious, not for-profit movement with an aim to create a greener environment by planting as many (environmental friendly) trees as possible.

  1. Become a volunteer for camp
  2. Organize seed ball workshop
  3. Provide plants / seed balls
  4. Provide us with time slot for awareness in your events
  5. Buy campaign T shirt/Caps/Art work
  6. Become a corporate partner
  7. Donation (Exempted Income tax under Income Tax Act.)
  8. By organizing camps at your place

Yes of course. Email us at evagreenindiaorg@gmail.com and tell us about you and we will get back to you for more information.

No, You can support us without creating an account.

Trees help restore groundwater, improve catchment areas of water bodies, protect and rebuild soils, restore wildlife habitats, cool and clean the air. Trees allow the natural regeneration of flora. Trees provide fruit and shade to poor rural communities. Trees also remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, helping in the fight against global warming.

Botanists estimate that a typical tree in the tropics absorbs about 20 kilos of carbon per year, or roughly 1 ton over its lifespan of about 50 years.

The variety of trees planted depends upon agro-climatic conditions and the benefit of those trees in terms of flowers, fruits, fodder, fuel and non-timber forest produce  for the local community as well as insects, birds and animals. All trees planted will be species indigenous to the planting site.

  1. Tree sapling distribution: Volunteers will distribute saplings to individuals free of cost at gatherings and through events and other public programs.
  2. Motivating and Promotional Activities: We motivate individual and institutions to initiate environment related programmes.
  3. Awareness Building: Team EvaGreen will develop awareness songs, album songs, radio jingles, videos related to environment awareness through digital and other forms of media.
  4. Recognition and Awards: EvaGreen will acknowledge and honor the dedicated efforts of individuals and institutions in the field of environment through EvaGreen Award and Lucky initiative of the year.
  5. GIS Monitoring: Each planted sapling will be monitored for its safety and growth using GIS technology. This means that at any given point of time, an individual can track their planted trees online.

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